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Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend.

Simple moments!

Maybe the best moments are really just simple moments with people, and friends, and family and all the amazing, incredible humans that you surround yourself with and those wonderful beings who uplift you and make you feel good about yourself and drive you to be a better person. I’m thankful for those moments and thoseContinue reading “Simple moments!”

You are perfect!

In case you forget to remind yourself this morning: You are perfect.Your smile lights up the room.Your mind is insanely cool.You are way more than enough.And you are doing an amazing job at life!Wishing you only good things!


Thoughts about wisdom, your inner voice… At times we’re confronted with a problem and having difficulty to solve it. We ask the advice or opinion of others which is rather normal. If the advice doesn’t jibe or meet the expected solution, then the process of brainstorming on your own, in direct consultation with your innerContinue reading “Wisdom!”

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Welcome to Fall 2021

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