Fall is here!


Stay Warm: Roasted Pumpkin Soup


“Happy Senior Citizen’s Day!!! “There is no joy in possession without sharing.” …“Share your knowledge. …“There is no delight in owning anything unshared.” …“The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have.” … And these quotes sum up everything: “Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.” “Try to be aContinue reading “Seniors!”

Courtesy and Respect!

Thoughts about courtesy and respect.. “Be respectful of others and make them feel good. – In life and business, it’s not so much what you say that counts, it’ how you make people feel. So respect your elders, minors, and everyone in between. There are no boundaries or classes that define a group of peopleContinue reading “Courtesy and Respect!”

Feeling Good!

Thoughts about feeling good… “Take a deep breath. Inhale peace, exhale happiness.” A.D. Posey I put my mind on sleeping mode for quite sometime and felt really good. Time to rev it again for some good thoughts. And the question: What would it take to get you feeling good about your current situation? The answerContinue reading “Feeling Good!”


Thoughts about kindness… “A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” – Steve Maraboli “Your greatness is measured by your kindness; your education and intellect by your modesty; your ignorance is betrayed by your suspicions and prejudices, and your real caliber is measured by the consideration and tolerance you have forContinue reading “Kindness!”

Album Releases for May!

Leave it to Harry Styles’ to release the hotly- anticipated new album dropping this Friday, May 20. When Harry left the boy band One Direction he was eager to prove his solo musical ambition and historical knowledge. His debut 2017 single was enormous with his Bowie/Queen style ballad “Sign of the Times.” He has aContinue reading “Album Releases for May!”


Thoughts about purpose… “A meaningful life is not being rich, being popular, or being perfect. It’s about being real, being humble, being able to share ourselves and touch the lives of others.” Unknown The above quote is a good mantra and have adopted it for as long as I can remember. In my library isContinue reading “Purpose!”


Thoughts about the blueprint of your future… “If we misread the blueprint of our life, we need not be ashamed of backtracking on our chosen options. Admitting to mistakes may make us human and maybe great again.” “Everybody that’s successful lays a blueprint out.” Kevin Hart “Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they areContinue reading “Blueprint!”


Thoughts about optimism… Come to think of it, I adopted the attitude of looking at the bright side of life whatever the conditions are. Truly optimistic with a mind set when conditions are not as good, things happened for a reason. The dictionary defines optimism: “Optimism – positive and hopeful emotion that encourages you toContinue reading “Optimism!”


Thoughts about distraction… “When we clutter our lives with imagined obligations, unnecessary activities, and distractions that only kill time, we dilute the power of our lives.” Anne Katherine My further reading led me to learn that … “Distraction is a phenomenon in which a person tends to lose focus and gets deviated from the goalContinue reading “Distraction!”


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