Superstars and their Woes!

It’s not easy being a singer-songwriter these days.Besides very stressful, it can be somewhat challenging. Ed Sheeran, said he had to deal with depression, “throughout his life” and felt the feelings resurface last year. According to published reports, he said, “You’re under the waves drowning. You’re just sort of in this thing. And you can’tContinue reading “Superstars and their Woes!”

Let’s Laugh together!! Age is only a Number!

Thoughts about aging…”funny quotes….” I was perusing through my emails today then this particular email caught my attention…I am there, and young as you are right now, you will be there too. Let’s laugh together folks… “With older age comes wisdom, experience, and perspective — three things that can help us recognize how important itContinue reading “Let’s Laugh together!! Age is only a Number!”