Choose Words Carefully!

Choose your words carefully and only speak to those who have earned the right to hear them. Sometimes, remaining silent can be the most powerful communication. Hope is another name of lifeSince the day we are bornWe wear the unfading garland of hope!! A thousand petals of bloomsOpen up in the courtyard of mindWith variousContinue reading “Choose Words Carefully!”

Pamela, a love story!

Hard to believe that its been 30 something years since we first had a glimpse of Pamela Anderson running along the California beaches in Baywatch-the lifeguard drama that remains one of the most-watched series ever-fans and the critics have become so acquainted with the life of Pamela: the Playboy covers, many marriages and the infamousContinue reading “Pamela, a love story!”

Listen to your heart!

I know that growing can be uncomfortable but please keep going.Keep growing. You are moving on from this part of your journey and into the next.Sometimes your arms can’t carry everything and everyone into the next chapter, and that’s okay. Whatever you do, please don’t shrink yourself and resist change.Please don’t let the weight ofContinue reading “Listen to your heart!”