Tis the Season!

Magic Lights Holiday drive-thru

PNC Bank Arts Center

Christmas is only 4 days away. This year just like last year, everyone is stressed. 2021 flew by, but it also feels like it lasted 10 years. What a roller-coaster year! Since the Omicron is here, everyone is altering their plans. Sadly, it looks like a dark and gloomy Christmas for many Americans once again. Which means, you should limit yourself to your inner circle, perhaps postpone that flying Christmas trip just until everything is under control. Tis the season for mask mandates, booster shots, travel warnings- and of course a massive push for Covid -19 tests. According to the CDC, airline travelers are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative test within three days of boarding a domestic flight and one day before getting onto an international flight. While additional steps have been made to clean planes between flights. Let’s face it, everyone is sitting together, no social distancing, no middle seats blocked. The middle seats blocked didn’t last long, since it took away from profits. I could go on, but you get my point.

Which many countries have already restricted travel. Masks are required on all flights, the CDC said. In many states, mask requirements and proof of vaccines are required for eateries, fitness and entertainment venues. Honestly, doesn’t look like we are making any progress or moving forward. Many countries have already cancelled their New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Celebrities go all out for the Christmas season. The Kardashian-Jenner family plans a Christmas Eve party every year, and just three years ago, it cost $1.3 million. They cancelled last year due to Covid-19. Not sure what their plans are for this year due to Omicron. In the past, stars have decorated lavishly for the holidays. JLo, put roses in her Christmas tree, and country music star Tim McGraw installed a gigantic tree in his home. I totally understand about the gigantic tree, since my family actually went to a tree farm to cut one down. Let me just say this, it didn’t look that big in the forest.

Usually, celebrity gifts are over-the-top, as well. You may recall, John Legend bought Chrissy Teigen a wheel of cheese estimated to cost $3,000, while Nick Jones bought Priyanka Chopra a snowmobile with an estimated price of $12,000. Just to make you feel better, celebrities are just like us, to a certain point. They put up a Christmas tree, buy each other gifts, and spend precious time with their families… but that however, is where the similarities end. Some celebrities decorate their homes with unusual and extravagant décor, buy each other wildly expensive gifts, and plan lavish vacations. Maybe not this year, but some are truly adventurous, whether vaxxed and boosted, you still can catch the Omicron.

Back in 2018, the famous Christmas Eve party moved from Kris Jenner’s house to Kim and Kanye’s mansion. For the event, the house was transformed into a winter wonderland with fake snow and a $35,000 snow hill for sledding, according to published reports. There was also a tunnel made of 10,000 lights for selfies. Inside the house was completely redesigned to look like a minimalistic Whoville with fluffy clouds hanging from the ceiling.

In 2019, Kourtney Kardashian hosted the famous party, which included a performance from Sia. It cost an estimated $440,000. Although , Kourtney’s party was less expensive and elaborate than the year before. It still had extravagance. Kourtney lined the entranceway with poinsettias that cost $12,000. Her sister Kim, that year decorated her home all in white. White trees made of plush fabric that cost $10,000 each and her living room also had a large tree that was frosted with fake snow. She still has the same white décor this year, she made an addition, she hired Grammy-winning pianist Philip Cornish, whom she hired to play Christmas music every morning during the month of December for her four children.

Britney Spears, who has a lot to celebrate and be thankful for this year, has a beautiful huge tree in her living room. She put up her tree back in October. Like many celebrities.

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