Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Lifestyles of the rich and famous. The world’s elite like nothing more than privacy and no better way than on a sprawling luxury yacht. No need to be jealous, if you had that kind of money you would be buying a yacht, as well. These boats are fully equipped with professional kitchens, master suites, and everything you could ever dream of for the vacation of a lifetime. Something of a dream for many of us, yet, why the jealousy? When people get that green-eyed monster, they are not really angry at you. They are angry at themselves, for their own demons. They are unhappy with their own lives, so either they stop talking to you or they sink into their own downward spiral.  Honestly, it’s truly a sad person who falls into this trap. It may be a dream to us, but to the rich and famous it’s just another summer vaycay. Let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to become successful. Still no reason, to be angry with the successful person.

Just as ridiculous, as being angry that Cristiano Ronaldo has multiple mansions, and expensive cars. Why the jealousy? Not everyone can afford a floating hotel, which coast hundreds of millions of dollars, so if you aren’t the CEO of a big company like Disney, it might be a little hard to swing it. Let’s look at some of the celebrities that have these magnificent yachts: Eric Clapton’s yacht is named Va Bene, it’s worth a whopping $10 million. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eric Clapton owns no less than four of the world’s most expensive guitars-along with one of the world’s most elite superyachts. Dubbed Va Bene, Clapton’s impressive sea vessel was built in the early 1990s by legendary designer Richard Hein. Clapton paid an estimated $10 million to buy it in 2005. Featuring enough cabin space for 25 passengers (including 13 crew members), Clapton actually added additional upgrades including a master suite, jet skis, and kayaks.

Who could forget J.K.Rowling? Harry Potter mastermind, bought the gorgeous Amphitrite from Johnny Depp for a staggering $27 million back in 2015. But with its cutting edge satellite system, 12-knot cruising speed, and multiple guest rooms most believe she paid far less than its actual value. Rowling reportedly put the ship for sale just a year after finalizing the purchase. With an asking price of about $19 million, prospective sailors can also charter this luxury vessel for roughly $130,000 a week. Adding that to what Rowling makes every day from her Comcast-owned “Wizarding World” section at Universal Studios makes her one insanely rich lady.

Simon Cowell is worth around half a billion-thanks largely to his hit show American Idol- so it makes sense that he would buy one beauty of a yacht. His custom-made yacht, Slipstream, was built by CMN Yachts, valued at $73 million. It has a deck Jacuzzi, gym, and can house twelve guests and fifteen crew. It also has a beautiful dining area with a deck overlooking the water, as well as a hotel-like master suite. His yacht even has an entrance foyer with a chandelier and sitting room. He was recently spotted on the sixty-meter yacht alongside his young son and his son’s mother. Cowell’s yacht costs $329,000 per week.

Alisher Usmanov, business magnate has a net worth of around thirteen billion, so it makes sense that he has a mega-yacht to go with his wealth. The Al Raya is a yacht constructed in 2008 by the yacht company, Lurssen. It was named Dilbar originally, after Usmanov’s mother. Al Raya, valued at $800 million, is the thirty second largest yacht in the world. It is tied with Radiant, her sister ship. It is 361 feet long and has a weight of 4,100 tons. It’s beam measures fifty-two feet, and it takes forty-eight crew members to keep the yacht running. Giorgio Armani’s yacht named the Main is valued at $60 million. Sean “Diddy” Combs yacht the Maraya is valued at $820 million. Calvin Klein’s yacht the Vantage is valued at $60 million. Now, that’s something to think about, without jealousy.

Let’s see who wins….. May the best team win at Super Bowl LVI, will it be the Rams or the Bengals?

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