World Peace!

Thoughts about Russian invasion of Ukraine…

The Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its 8th day and the TV images from the various channels are so unbearable to watch. Families are being displaced as they flee their country. Pet animals are another scene to watch that will melt your heart. The lost of innocent human lives, young and old…and who is to blame? We all know who. And at this juncture we can all be instruments of peace by offering these prayers…

“A Prayer for World Peace”

Lord Jesus, You came that the world might know the peace that You have experienced with the Father eternally. Yet, You taught us that in this life there will be wars and rumors of wars. Nations will rise against nations as violence works itself out in the world. However, through You, the world may be saved. O Lord, send Your spirit into the hearts of all men, that the world might know true peace through Your abundant mercy. Amen.

“A Prayer for Faith in God’s Intervention”

Father, even when things seem hopeless, we know that through You we are never without hope. We beg Your intervention for a world on the constant brink of war. Beat the swords into plowshares and cause the lion to lie down with the lamb. Intervene in this world that they might avoid the horrors of war and let peace rule in all lands. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

“A Prayer to End Violence Through Forgiveness”

Father, violence is never the answer. It destroys Your good creation and it grieves Your heart when people resort to it. Despite the world knowing who You are, they do not know the peace that You can give them. Lord, I ask that You arise and put an end to all violence. Extinguish pain and misery wherever it is found, and spread Your gift of grace and peace upon the face of creation. Let forgiveness reign and end the bloodshed. Through Christ, Your Son, our Lord. Amen.


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