Thoughts about relaxation

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear. “

And these thoughts about relaxation…

You can relax any time. You can even relax right now. Relaxation is not something that must be put off until you have nothing to do. Even when you are extremely busy and active you can benefit from the power of relaxation.

Relaxation is a state of mind that does not depend on what you’re doing or what you’re not doing. In fact, relaxation will make you far more effective and creative when it accompanies even your most strenuous efforts.

Much of the effort of effort is in overcoming your own resistance. Let yourself relax about it, and suddenly it’s not bad at all.

Imagine yourself totally relaxed, free of worries, free of anxieties, free of any pain or discomfort. Just thinking about being relaxed can immediately put you in a state of higher positive energy.

Now go beyond just thinking about it and simply let yourself relax. It will bring powerful, effective energy to everything you do.

Published by thetimessite

I’m the founder of Enjoy Weekend Guide. Running multiple businesses has its challenges, yet I love it. I’m also the CEO/Founder of Mountain Creek Coffee, family- owned business. So just a little about me and my endeavors that keep me busy.

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