Thoughts about confidence…

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Two weeks is way too long for a pause and convinced myself to get back to my favorite past time of writing. Coincidentally I got an email about confidence and decided to explore it further … thus these thoughts…

Doubt and fear have ruled you for too long. Now is the time to let your confidence take over.

Confidence is no less real, no less reasonable than doubt. And confidence will take you to much better places.

You deserve more respect than you’ve been giving yourself. You deserve more challenge, and its accompanying achievement, than you’ve been allowing into your life.

Get yourself now in a frame of mind where you can do all the best things you’re capable of doing. Activate the confidence that’s always been there, and let it drive away every remnant of indecision.

Let confidence take over, then make absolutely certain to give that confidence its full due. With purpose, with persistence and enthusiasm, put your confidence into action.

Unleash the full power of your loving, creative potential. Let your confidence take over, and give to life today the best you can give.

Published by thetimessite

I’m the founder of Enjoy Weekend Guide. Running multiple businesses has its challenges, yet I love it. I’m also the CEO/Founder of Mountain Creek Coffee, family- owned business. So just a little about me and my endeavors that keep me busy.

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