Delete the Drama!

People can only meet you as far as they have met themselves.

We’re heading into that last stretch of the year. The part I like to call “moeg”. It happens every single year. People seem to be more on edge, a little meaner, and a lot more not-so-nice. Add in the fact that Mercury is hand-grenading again and it’s a proper toxic mess.

But I don’t want to focus on that. We can fix it! Someone else’s actions doesn’t need to define us.

When you are faced with unkindness, negativity and toxic people or situations (even the petty passive aggressive ones), then it is your duty to recalibrate the universe with the opposite, but that action of goodwill doesn’t need to be directed at the people or things that have wronged you!

People can only meet you as far as they have met themselves, and some people still have a very long road to go… like a really, really long highway kinda road.

So your job is to let them go. And then make the journey easier for someone else.

Restore the balance by doing something good for someone else!!

Don’t let the cruel make you unkind, and don’t let the unkind make you cruel, rather take the bad and feed it with all the love and kindness. If you see someone falling behind, walk beside them. If someone is being ignored, find a way to include them. If someone has been knocked down, lift them up. Always remind people of their worth.

That’s how we recalibrate the universe.

There’s that saying that goes, “hurt people will hurt people”, which makes me really sad. But I guess that means that “healed people will heal people”… and I like the thought of that.

It kinda means that the healed can help the hurt.

Yes! Let go of the kak. Delete the drama. And throw toxic in the trash… and then recalibrate the universe by doing something good for someone else.

Published by thetimessite

I’m the founder of Enjoy Weekend Guide. Running multiple businesses has its challenges, yet I love it. I’m also the CEO/Founder of Mountain Creek Coffee, family- owned business. So just a little about me and my endeavors that keep me busy.

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