What if!!

Stop thinking about what if, or what was or what will be… all you have is now. We are promised nothing….

And please focus as much energy on your mental health as that constant worry with your general health!

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

Look out for number 1 (that’s you) and your heart because you cannot share love if you don’t have any. Focus on making yourself happy (without hurting anyone else) and know that you have the power within you to be the best version of you.

And you have to be the best version of you!!! Unless you’re so arrogant , no one likes someone like that…. so try to be simple and humble…

Remember that it is okay not to be okay, and sometimes you need to take a time out, or reach out, or do whatever you need to protect yourself. Mental health and wellness is so important. Keep checking in with yourself. Look after you.

Be kinder than necessary to each other and more than ever… purposefully with yourself!

That’s it. Wishing you only good things… always!

Published by thetimessite

I’m the founder of Enjoy Weekend Guide. Running multiple businesses has its challenges, yet I love it. I’m also the CEO/Founder of Mountain Creek Coffee, family- owned business. So just a little about me and my endeavors that keep me busy.

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