Modern World!

Thoughts about the demands of the modern world….

“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“There is no end To what a living world
Will demand of you.” Octavia E. Butler,

Navigating the net everything jibes with my ideas…

What are the demands of a 21st century reader?

The massive information flow of the digital era demands that readers be able to distinguish between fact and opinion. Readers must learn strategies to detect biased information and malicious content like fake news and phishing emails.

Shifting the Focus to Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Collaboration across Networks and Leading by Influence.

Agility and Adaptability.

Initiative and Entrepreneurialism.

Effective Oral and Written Communication.

Accessing and Analyzing Information.

Curiosity and Imagination.

And these thoughts…

And these thoughts…
Your job demands much of you. And the people around you routinely hit you with their demands.

Your health, your finances, your household and community impose demands upon you as well. The experience of life is often a demanding experience.

You cannot magically make life less demanding. What you can do is make the demands less burdensome by cheerfully accepting and dealing with them.

Remind yourself that a big reason life is so demanding is because you are so capable. Indeed, one way to gauge your competence and capability is by the number of demands on your time and efforts.

Life is demanding because what you do makes a difference. Life is demanding because you are able to meet those demands.

Every demand is a confirmation of the good work you can do. That’s a reason to be thankful, not resentful.

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