Thoughts about giving…

When talking about giving the first thing that comes in mind is money. Other than money you can also…

Give A Smile. …
Give Out Good Thoughts. …
Give A Kind Word. …
Give A Cheerful Disposition. …
Give Appreciation. …
Give Encouragement. …
Give Honor. …
Give Happiness.
Give your time
And many more…

I am the kind of person who likes to give. Money is paramount for survival so if you can share whatever you can afford it’s greatly appreciated. Often we become emotional hostage and so hard to part from this emotion once you get started.

And what is emotional hostage?

An emotional hostage is a person whose thoughts and decisions are influenced by the pressure of another. They may feel like they have no power in their actions because of emotional blackmail, fear, obligation, or guilt.

“Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting.”
Brian Tracy

“No one has ever become poor from giving.”
Anne Frank

“Money is not the only commodity that is fun to give. We can give time, we can give our expertise, we can give our love, or simply give a smile. What does that cost? The point is, none of us can ever run out of something worthwhile to give.”
Steve Goodier

Giving is powerful. Many people will attempt to prevent you from taking, yet no one can stop you from giving as much as you wish.

Give, and you increase the value that flows through your life. Give of yourself, and you make yourself stronger.

Every time you interact with someone else, you have the opportunity to give that person some kind of value. Whether it is a thing, or a thought, a gesture or a kind word, the most powerful gifts are those that come straight from the heart.

Many will appreciate your gifts and some will not, but that is not the point. For it is the sincere act of giving, not how the gift is received, that brings value and goodness to your world.

As you give more and more, you have more to give. As the joy of giving flows out from you, new richness fills your life.

Each moment is an opportunity to engage the beautiful, loving power of giving. Give your best and you’ll get even better.

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I’m the founder of Enjoy Weekend Guide. Running multiple businesses has its challenges, yet I love it. I’m also the CEO/Founder of Mountain Creek Coffee, family- owned business. So just a little about me and my endeavors that keep me busy.

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