Sometimes people are just pathetic!

Thoughts about let it go…

Have you experienced getting heartbroken? I am sure we all had and no doubt the intensity of this experience varies. For some people this trauma doesn’t stay long, simply can adjust easily without leaving a scar. For others the pain stays a lifetime. Songs of various generations describe the feeling or emotion … say for instance in the late 70’s Humperdinck came out with “Release Me”.

“Please release me can’t you see
You’d be a fool to cling to me
To live our lives would bring us pain
So release me and let me love again
(Let me love, let me go).”

Then “ It’s a heartache” by Rod Stewart…

“It’s a heartache
Nothing but a heartache
Hits you when it’s too late
Hits you when you’re down…”

And these thoughts for the agonizing heart.. Imagine someone making up they have cancer just to not be with you…. Truly horrifying! How people can stoop that low?

“Detach yourself just when you realize you are closer to a heart break.

It doesn’t matter if its a relationship, a lifestyle, or a job. If it doesn’t make you happy let it go.

Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people.”

And these final thoughts…

You cannot avoid being hurt sometimes by the carelessness, ignorance, or malice of others. Yet you can very much avoid prolonging that hurt.

Yes, it’s bad that bad things happen, whether intentionally or otherwise. But continuing resentment over them does not ever make them better.

What will make your life better is forgiveness. What will free you from the pain is to let it go.

It’s tempting to imagine that you’re winning some sort of moral victory by continuing to suffer. The real victory, however, comes when you move completely beyond the whole affair.

Don’t incapacitate yourself with an awareness clouded by resentment and the desire for revenge. You deserve to go in the direction of better, more positive pursuits.

Choose a hopeful future over a difficult past. Forgive, let it go, move forward with renewed energy and positive purpose.

Final thoughts…

4 Life Lessons You Will Gradually Learn as You Let Go of the Past

  1. You can have a heartbreaking story from the past, without letting it rule your present.
  2. A big part of letting go is simply realizing there’s nothing to hold on to in the first place.
  3. The subtle pain you continue to feel can be healed through compassion for those suffering alongside you.
  4. There is always, always, always something to be grateful for in the present.

Even when your past — your story — tries to pull you back in, you can consciously do your best to focus on your present blessings. What do you see in your life right now? Be thankful for the good parts. For your health, your family, your friends, or your home. Many people don’t have these things.

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