Duties that you didn’t know!

Things flight attendants do but are not paid for: boarding edition
• Report to airport 60-90 minutes before departure time
• Report to aircraft and scan on, “clock in”, to aircraft 35-50 minutes before departure time
• Conduct briefing with crew, gate agents and pilots (safety, security, service, customer needs)
• Required by the FAA to remain on board the aircraft anytime passengers are on board, cannot step off the aircraft unless there is life-threatening emergency
• Required to manually check all equipment is present, secure and unexpired
• Make announcements on PA system and greet passengers
• Help/assist passengers with seat assignments, lifting/stowing carry on baggage
• Provide pre-departure beverages and hang coats
• Checking catering allotments for the flight and set up service carts
Passenger briefings for unaccompanied minors, passengers with disabilities, and passengers in the exit rows
• Ensure all carry on items are properly stowed, close all overhead bins, latch and secure galleys

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