Sometimes people are just pathetic!

Thoughts about let it go… Have you experienced getting heartbroken? I am sure we all had and no doubt the intensity of this experience varies. For some people this trauma doesn’t stay long, simply can adjust easily without leaving a scar. For others the pain stays a lifetime. Songs of various generations describe the feelingContinue reading “Sometimes people are just pathetic!”

From Oscar Parties to St. Patrick’s Day fun!

The Oscars 2023, according to Nielsen was watched by only 18.7 million viewers, a 12 percent increase from last year’s tepid 16.62 million viewers, it beats the all-time low of of 10.4 million who watched in 2021 ceremony. The 95th Oscars stands as the highest-rated awards show of any kind since the 2020 Oscars. Perhaps itContinue reading “From Oscar Parties to St. Patrick’s Day fun!”