Thoughts about change or transformation… Transformation, is defined as “a complete change, usually into something with an improved appearance or usefulness.” Human transformation is an internal shift that brings us in alignment with our highest potential. It is at the heart of every major aspect of our lives. It affects how we see and relateContinue reading “Transformation!”


Thoughts about confidence… Have been preoccupied with things and neglected my favorite past time of writing my thoughts. Suddenly the thought of confidence sprouted in my head. Didn’t waste anymore time and now I am so engrossed in finishing it…. “Your success will be determined by your own confidence and fortitude.” “Anyone who ever gaveContinue reading “Confidence!”

Weddings over the weekend!

Photo: Hy Goldberg for Denis LEON + Co.; Wedding Plan + Design: Toni Breiss; Publicity: Stuart Watts. The show must go on. In this case the wedding must go on, despite a looming hurricane, the Palm Beach wedding of Tiffany Trump and her Lebanese-Nigerian business scion beau, Michael Boulos, went along as planned this pastContinue reading “Weddings over the weekend!”

Count your blessings!

Thoughts about Count Your Blessings to Increase Positivity “The greatest source of happinessis the ability to be grateful at all times.”-Zig Ziglar There’s an old gospel song by Jeff Easter called “Thank You Lord for Your Blessings on Me.” The song is about gratitude and states there’s a roof above me, an excellent place toContinue reading “Count your blessings!”