Tribeca Film Festival 2022!

Photo Credit: Rose Quintiliano All rights reserved The Tribeca Film Festival is in full force. The 21st edition of New York’s Tribeca Festival began June 8 and runs through June 19. Some of the most exciting films of the year, will be showcased at the festival. Let’s look at some of the top films and documentaries;Continue reading “Tribeca Film Festival 2022!”

Thoughts about problems!

Who doesn’t have problems? Simply a fact of life that we all have problems and the problems are of different magnitude, some could be very challenging ones that can cripple you. Problems end where death begins (lol) it’s funny but that’s the reality of life … “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinkingContinue reading “Thoughts about problems!”

Another Lawsuit and more!

Another lawsuit in the brewing. The family of the Israeli writer whose article inspired the 1986 Tom Cruise movie Top Gun is suing Paramount Pictures for copyright infringement over its sequel. They claim the studio did not have the rights to Ehud Yonay’s 1983 story “Top Guns” when it released the sequel Top Gun: MaverickContinue reading “Another Lawsuit and more!”