Make it an Italian Sunday!

Arthur Ave

70-year-old Borgatti’s, Arthur Avenue’s only dedicated pasta maker, is a neighborhood anchor. They make nothing but fresh pasta here, including ravioli, manicotti, and egg noodles, cut to order according to your specifications. Terranova Bakery also produces pasta under the Pasta Factory label, including ravioli and gnocchi.In addition to their own noodles, Borgatti’s stocks a selection of imported dried pasta and other pantry goods, namely sauces. All the stores up here stock dried pasta, some not so good, but the place you should be getting yours is Tino’s, where they carry the famous family-owned Rustichella d’Abruzzo brand.You won’t find this beloved 90-year-old pasta at Eataly, or even in the warehouse of Italian importer Gustiamo …Gianluca Paciullo, the owner of Tino’s and brother of Roberto Paciullo of Roberto’s, is a devoted patron of d’Abruzzo. His passion is so intense that he dedicates two columns of shelves to the brand. You can pick from over 40 varieties, including trofie, chitarra, casareca, and radiatori.Tino’s also carries the Benedetto, Orsini, and Garofalo brands.

Borgatti’s Ravioli & Egg Noodles

632 East 187th Street, The Bronx, NY 10458

Though New York is in the midst of a great bread revival, Arthur Avenue is stuck behind the times. So your best bets are to stick to the basics like pane di casa and sesame-crusted hero loaves.I prefer Madonia’s hero loaf for its chewy crust and strong sesame flavor. But keep it simple; the olive loaf is fine but underpowered and their lard bread , though the most traditional of New York’s pig-filled Italian loaves (made with roast pork, not cured meat), is bland.The neighborhood’s best overall bakery is probably Terranova, which offers fresh, preservative-free loaves (and it supplies hero loaves to Tino’s). Offerings include sourdough, pane di casa, bastone, taralli (pretzel-like crackers), and cicola, a type of lard bread.As for pastries…you’re best off sticking to bread and skipping pre-filled cannoli or stale cookies. But there are some diamonds in the rough. Artuso is the best option overall. Head there for strufoli, deep fried balls of dough mixed with honey sold during the holidays, and fresher renditions of treats like pasticiolla. You can find fresh filled cannoli at Gino’s, Maddonia, and Egidio’s, but be sure to insist on a freshly filled one.If you hit Gino’s around noon, you’ll find sfogliatelle fresh from the oven. While they won’t wow you, they’re the best you’ll find up here. The shell could be crisper, but the interior is warm and tender.

Madonia2348 Arthur Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10458

Let’s not forget Casa Della Mozzarella

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